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Why this Summit? Why now?

“Water is the true limit to growth in the Southwest. Buildings must become radically more water efficient. New tools and regulatory models have been developed, allowing us to do this now.” – Kim Shanahan, Executive Officer of SFAHBA

“Making our communities sustainable in the long term given predicted drops in renewable surface water flows, and resilient to short term and long term impacts from the effects of climate change, are critical issues across the Southwestern United States, as well as many other regions around the world.” – City Councilor Peter Ives

“The unique aspect of this event is the integration of field professionals into policy development and design. The Next Generation Water Summit aims to close the loop on water efficiency, so that those who create and manage water efficiency programs can network with the practitioners of those programs.” – Green Builder® Coalition Executive Director Mike Collignon

“Future generations of homebuilders in the western United States will look back on this important water summit as the starting point for addressing the limitations that water availability imposes upon our industry. We owe those future generations our best efforts today.” – Kim Shanahan, Executive Officer of SFAHBA

“The City of Santa Fe is honored to host the Next Generation Water Summit, which is designed to continue the dialogue on how we can and must do more with less water. We hope you can join us!” – City Councilor Peter Ives

Founding Sponsors

These organizations are responsible for the creation of
the Next Generation Water Summit:

City of Santa Fe

The City of Santa Fe


Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce

Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce


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